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Governing Documents

All homes in Leewood are individually owned, but as townhome units, each home also enjoys common open spaces and other common facilities. As such, each property includes an automatic mandatory membership in Leewood Homeowners Association. The mandatory membership puts us under the control of the Property Owner's Association Act.

Leewood is governed by its Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, and applicable state and county law (the Property Owners Association Act being the most important). Unless otherwise noted in the law, the state law takes precedence over our documents. The order of precedence of our documents is as listed above -- i.e. if there are contradictions, the Covenants rule, then the Articles of Incorporation, etc.

We also have rules and regulations found in our Standards Manual which regulates the external design and appearance of the homes within our community. These standards are developed and approved by the Board of Directors. The Standards Manual contains the standards by which we maintain our homes and common areas. It is a "must read" before you do anything with the exterior of your home.

Every owner should be familiar with the contents of these documents:


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