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About Us

Part of the Woods in Leewoods Leewood is a community located inside the beltway in Springfield, Virginia. The 195 townhomes that comprise our community were built by Clarence Gosnell over 25 years ago. The construction of the homes is something that you rarely see today and was unusual then – hardwood floors, brick and block construction, copper piping, and other such features that bespeak of a well built home. The community has enjoyed the results of the building effort, not only for the quality of work, but also because the woods that were on the plot were not denuded. On our approximately 18 acres of ground, we have large stands of oak trees that our residents can enjoy. In addition, the community has maintained a planting program that has now graced us with many mature smaller trees. Our large common areas encourage our residents to get out and meet their neighbors while walking their dogs, watching their children play, or just enjoying the scenery.

We are a self-managed community, and have worthy volunteers that are far sighted in their approach to Leewood's needs. Our reserve fund is robust, yet we are able to maintain low assessments. All of our Governing Documents are posted online.

Leewood has always been in favor of communicating, and we think it shows in the harmony that our community enjoys. We publish a newsletter that is distributed to every member which has grown in format and scope. Each homeowner is provided wth a directory, so that our members can reach each other.

Enjoy our website, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

We have developed a brochure to be distributed to prospective owners. Click here to see a web version of the brochure.

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Our address is:

Leewood Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 1421
Springfield, VA

email (general): leewood@leewood.us
email (website): webmaster@leewood.us

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