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This section of our website is devoted to our newest members (or soon-to-be newest members). For those new to our community, we would like to be one of the first to welcome you. You should be greeted by a welcome representative shortly after you move in, and they will have a packet of information for you. If you have not heard from them, email our welcome representative and arrange a time that the two of you can meet.

Assessments are due quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Payment coupons are sent out once a year to all owners. If you buy your home during the year, you should receive payment coupons from Sentry Management (our management company), as well as information to set up your secure online account. Go to My Account at www.sentrymgt.com. There you can make payments, view your account and payment history, and access other features.

Another obligation of homeownership in our community is to let the association know how to reach you. If you are buying a house here and will not be occupying it. start off on the right foot and give us your offsite address. If at any time you move out of the community while still owning your property, please give us your forwarding address. Similarly, if you update ownership of your home –removing a co-owner or retitling- please let us know.

You may have noticed that this website is jam-packed with information. We thought it might be a good idea to provide you with a roadmap of what would probably be the handiest sections to hit at first.

  1. The FAQs (frequently asked questions) section contains information that all new homeowners should find useful.

    Tight parking
    The FAQ’s will help you get off on the right foot in Leewood. In the parking FAQs, you will learn about parking in Leewood. Please be sure not to park in someone else's reserved place. Also if you have many cars, consider parking some outside Leewood. We really only have 2.1 parking places per unit (mathematically) and if you decide to take up all the parking places near your unit, you definitely will not be a well-loved neighbor.

    Trash is another huge issue in Leewood and consequently we have the trash FAQs just to cover trash issues. Our trash pickup days are Tuesdays and Fridays, and recycle pickup is on Tuesdays. If you want your neighbors to welcome you heartily, please follow our restrictions and do not put your trash or recycles out until after dark of the day before pickup day.

  2. The contact us tab has emails addresses for the management company, committee chairs and officers of Leewood.

  3. By now, your head may be swimming so take a break and look at the Parks tab.
    Gazebo at Greensprings
    We are lucky in Fairfax to have abundant parks and recreational facilities, and Leewood is close to many of them. We put together a nearby parks and facilities page so that you can take a break and take a stroll (or perhaps go to our post office or or go for a swim).

    In particular, Greensprings is a gem that many of us enjoy (it's as if you have your own manor grounds to stroll around without all the work). Deerlick Park is beautiful and right across the street.

    Residents have also found this page convenient when they have visitors, or just want to know where Leewood children attend school.

  4. Are you so inspired after your walk that you have decided to make changes to the exterior of your house? Before you do, be sure and read through our Leewood Design and Maintenance Standards Manual. Check out the ARC (Architectural) tab. There you will find the forms that need to be submitted for approval before any exterior changes are made to your home.

  5. Talking about reading, great bedtime reading are the documents found on the Governing Docs tab. You should have gotten a copies in your POA packet. Most people fall asleep quite quickly after beginning to read them, but it is important to know the documents that form the foundation of Leewood governance. Just as you are exposed to the Constitution of the US, you should be exposed to our legal documents.

  6. Another tab to explore is the News tab. You will be able to access current and past copies of our Leewood Times newsletter. In addition, there are links to the monthly Fairfax County Supervisors newsletter that provides useful information on what is happening throughout Fairfax County.

  7. We are hoping that now you will be filled with enthusiasm for your new community, and will want to volunteer and make your mark on Leewood. Either contact a board member, an appropriate committee chair, or fill out the "Leewood Needs You" form and mail it in to the association. There are so many ways to help!

We hope this little tour of the website will have been instructive for you. There is much more that you will find on the site when you explore it yourself, but we thought we should save some hidden treasures as rewards for sifting through all the information! We definitely hope you will be happy here in Leewood and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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