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Selling Your Home - Overview

All homes are individually owned in Leewood; thus home sales are arranged in the normal manner between the seller and purchaser. However, because each property includes an automatic mandatory membership in Leewood Homeowners Association, the association is involved during each property transfer. The mandatory membership puts us under the control of the Property Owner's Association Act.

When a home in Leewood is sold, the seller is usually obligated to provide the purchaser with a Disclosure Packet. This packet will provide important information to the purchaser concerning:

  • Status of the home with respect to assessments and violation of the Association rules

  • Financial condition of the Association

  • Association governing documents and rules and regulations

The Association is responsible that the information in the packet is accurate as of the date of the packet. Sometimes sellers incur architectural violations or get behind on assessments between when the packet is prepared and when the house is sold. Therefore, the buyer should ask for an update to the packet if some time has elapsed since the packet was originally provided.

Also, to assist homeowners, we have developed a brochure to be distributed to prospective owners. Click here to see a web version of the brochure.

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