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McCormick Colonial and Chesapeake Exterior Colors

The official color scheme of Leewood is based on McCormick Colonial Colors. Over the years they have reduced the number of Colonial colors they offer, and ARC decided to include most of McCormick's Chesapeake Colors in the selections that they will approve. The Chesapeake colors must be mixed at the counter, as would their older colors from the colonial charts.

Any change of exterior house paint colors must be approved by the ARC. Fill out the Application for Exterior Color Approval and mail or e-mail it to the ARC to request approval of your color scheme.

In general, Leewood has a two-color house scheme with the shutters and door usually being the darker of the two colors and the trim being white or a shade of beige. No two adjacent dwellings may have the same shutter colors, nor may more than two dwellings in a connected row have painted areas (other than the trim) of the same hues.

Many houses in Leewood are painted in colors from the older charts. When you look at the paint charts below, it is not unusual for you to not see your own color in the current charts. For example many houses in Leewood are painted Deep Forest Brown (224). You can continue painting your house its original color without ARC approval, unless at some point the house was painted a variant color without approval.

We have scanned in the latest charts. The paint colors may not be exactly what is shown in the charts due to differences in monitors and printers, but hopefully this will help get you started.

Unfortunately, the McCormick website does not appear to show the color collections shown above any longer. However, you should be able to use the Virtual Fan Desk to find corresponding paint colors. At the store they may still have the color palletes and/or or corresponding paint chips.

In addition, most stores selling paints can now custom color-match using color samples you provide.


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