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Design a Banner!

During the development of our website we tried several different banners (the green header that has our name on it). With some it was easy to spot the flaws, but not the "fix". For example, the tree picture in our About Us section was tried in a banner. Somehow it was too dark with the green background, but all the attempts to lighten that up looked worse. We used a banner similar to the one on our temporary website, with Comic Sans print for a long time. Finally either because it did not wear well, we were tired of it after so many viewings, or for a legitimate design reason (the buttons didn't match the print) we switched.Perhaps one of you has design capabilities and would like to try their hand at the banner design? It is easy for us to change the banner on all pages, and even the button design also. We could work with you so that you could try out your design on a web page to see how it looked, and can give you templates or you could download what is there now. Think of it, you could put your stamp on the web page all without committee meetings or any other hassle!

Interested? Email webmaster@leewood.us.

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