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2000 Survey Results

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Summary of Answers

                      1 2 3 4
    YES NO UNKNOWN BLANK AVERAGE Weekly Monthly Annually   Car Cars Cars Cars
When did you purchase home           1987                
Did you receive POA packet   21 13 21 6                  
Did you read the POA packet   18 4 8 31                  
Did you receive a welcome packet   30 23 7 1                  
Are you aware of homeowner association restrictions   60 1 0 0                  
Are you aware of restrictions on exterior changes to your home   57 4 0 0                  
Have you had any dealings with Koger that oversees ARC   40 21 0 0                  
Was Koger courteous   17 10 0 34                  
Was Koger helpful   14 15 0 32                  
Did Koger respond to letter/calls   17 14 0 30                  
Did Koger address your concerns   13 16 0 32                  
Have you have any dealings with the ARC   30 31 0 0                  
Was the ARC courteous   26 0 0 35                  
Was the ARC helpful   24 2 0 35                  
Did the ARC respond to your letter/calls   21 1 0 39                  
Did the ARC address your concerns   20 2 0 39                  
How many cars are parked for occupants of your home         0           24 33 4 0
Do you feel there is adequate parking   35 23 0 3                  
Should stop signs be installed   29 29 0 3                  
Should speed bumps be installed   27 33 0 1                  
Should a speed limit be posted   27 28 2 4                  
What should the speed limit be         36 17                
Should there be a time limit for parked cars not moved   38 19 1 3                  
Should we tow cars not moved for over 14 days   36 20 1 4                  
Is English your primary language   56 5 0 0                  
If not, what is your primary language         57                  
Do you read the monthly newsletter   60 0 0 1                  
Do you own or have access to a computer   50 10 0 1                  
Have you visted the website   25 32 0 4                  
How often         35   4 9 13          
News articles rating         38           1 0 4 6
Urgent message rating         38           2 2 3 7
Library rating         39           2 1 10 2
Ride sharing rating         39           10 3 4 4
Message board rating         39           1 1 8 8
Do you feel board is representing interests   47 5 3 6                  
Do you feel board is managing funds effectively   48 3 4 5     1            
Would you be willing to serve on board or committee   10 36 0 14     1            
Trash removal rating         4           0 1 12 24
Snow removal rating         7           3 5 19 16
Mowing rating         5           0 5 16 22
Tree maintenance rating         7           4 0 11 26
Interest in group fence cleaning   15 21 0 25                  
Interest in group fence replacement   22 18 0 21                  
Interest in group front rail painting   20 17 0 23     1            
Interest in group front stoop repair   13 20 0 28                  
Interest in group exterior painting   19 18 0 24                  
Interest in group sidewalk repair   22 19 0 20                  



  • Select your own doors
  • Enforce chronic offenders to make repairs and keep yard in order.
  • When gutters are being replaced, they should cover the entire roof. [If the entire roof is not covered,] there is a lot of water running from my neighbor's roof into my yard.
  • Manual in good shape - needs clarification in some areas but overall very complete
  • No - enforce current standards as you are
  • [Adding standards] -you've got to be kidding.
  • The requirement of double-sided fencing   even on fences facing woods or alleyways is a total waste of money which  adds nothing to real estate values.  No one uses or sees the alleyways abutting   Leewood Mews.
  • I do not see the harm in allowing seasonably appropriate silk flowers in the front yard. They look much better than my pathetic efforts to grow real ones! Allow silk flowers.
  • Anything we can do to encourage/require trees. Leebrad looks terrible since many are not replacing Bradford pears.


  • I think that cars that have not been moved in 30 days should be removed after attempts at finding an owner have failed
  • [There is adequate parking] unless homes have more than 2 cars which is true in about 33% or more of the time
  • If one reads DMV rules, if not posted, speed limit in residential area is 25 mph (pg. 2-16 of 97/98 Driver's Manual)
  • [Should there be a time limit on how long a car can be parked without being moved?] No, however, more enforcement should be given to cars with invalid tags/county or inspection stickers (pg. 1-3 of Manual)
  • I have had violators leave cars in authorized spaces while we have been on vacation for more than 14 days.
  • Need some rules re: car repairs. Have seen neighbors change oil/batteries, clean motors and wash the residue into storm drains or leave oil slicks on streets.
  • Blinking caution lights at entrances
  • I'd really like to have traffic lights on the Backlick & Braddock Roads. It's so hard to make these turns (esp. left turn) on those roads when I get out of my house
  • I do really think that we should install traffic lights.
  • Parking is not a problem and is a real advantage of the community. A light is necessary at entrance at Braddock. Someone may get in an accident soon if this is not addressed.
  • Too many residents allow friends to use Leewood for parking their cars while away for vacation
  • We need to look carefully and thoroughly into families parking more than two cars within the development.
  • Large trucks and vans need to be careful how they park and block the view of others.
  • Neighbors need to be reminded in snow/ice storms that if they did not clean out a parking space they should not assume they can benefit from someone else's labor and time.
  • No one household should park 4 vehicles and take up spaces that others might need.
  • Board needs to hear resident's complaints, not just ignore them when it comes to parking. This is a sore subject on Bradgen Court.
  • Also neighbors bringing company vehicles home should not take up space for family cars.
  • Cars should be towed after 30 days if owner not known.
  • We need more guest parking. My husband and I have large families and have problems with adequate parking when they visit.
  • Now that there is more & more traffic cutting through, the noise level is higher. Speed bumps & speed limits, circles, "no through traffic" no motorcycles or loud sports cars
  • Cars should not be towed if in owner's reserved spot
  • Need flashing yellow at 2 main entrances!
  • Register all resident cars -issue stickers- ticket & tow improperly registered per VA code
  • Cars -no commercial vehicles- taxi cabs, etc.-no work trucks
  • One car has been parked for several weeks at a time in my parking area -the neighbors all complain about it - it is never parked in the [owner's] parking area. It has been happening for a long time.
  • Require all visitors to display temporary permit (provided by property owner) while parked in Leewood
  • [There should be a time limit on how long a car is parked without being moved] only if it has expired registration inspection tags or if its owner is unknown.
  • [Towing cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days] First of all, every attempt to locate driver/owner should be made. I believe this is a rarity and don't want to make a new policy when situations arise. Usually, there are other circumstances - for example out of town travel, illness, etc.
  • Some carpool folks park everyday in our lot subdivision. Should this be enforced?
  • [There should be a time limit on how long a car is parked without being moved] and residents would notify board of the circumstances
  • [Towing cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days] Be careful that we're not becoming a police state. Thirty days with posted info might work.
  • Three stop signs for motorists turning onto Leebrad. I've almost been hit several times (and not by people just cutting through Leewood). Or if not a stop sign, at least yield.
  • More speed bumps place the greatest burden on the resident.
  • There are lots of people who have more than two cars and they take all the parking spaces. I think we should do something about this problem.
  • Stop signs should be installed for safety at Leestone Ct., maybe Bradwood Ct. Configuration is not right to slow people down. Speed bumps would be ineffective for majority of speeders - trucks, SUVs. To slow traffic, if it is needed, put in circles at intersections - well known calming measure that actually works - even VDOT prefers them.
  • I am not sure that in this day and time it [a speed limit] would make a difference
  • People are reasonable about parking spots
  • How are you going to know the owners of all the cars; who's responsible for damage to towed cars
  • There is adequate parking on Leestone Ct. Not sure for the entire community.
  • The number of speed bumps we have now is adequate.
  • Much more important than the questions above is the increasing difficulty of getting out of or into Leewood from Braddock & Backlick. Can anything be done?
  • We could charge residents for cars over the one allotted space.
  • 14 days is not long enough. It should be more like two months for towing.
  • Cars parked 14 days or more should be towed only if no one in the community knows the owner. Or that it is determined whether the owner may be away for an extended period of time.
  • Bradwood Court would be nice [would have adequate parking] with 3 more spaces
  • [Stop signs should be installed at] Leestone Ct. & Leebrad, Bradgen Ct. & Leebrad, Bradwood Court & Leebrad
  • We have enough speed bumps
  • [Cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days should be towed if parked] in unreserved space.
  • [There should be] limits on non-resident parking.
  • [There should be] extended parking on Braddock Mews Pl.
  • Parking on Leestone Street -I get a new scratch on my car almost everyday [while it is parked on Leestone Street].
  • Free parking spaces not distributed very well especially first section of Bradwood Court.
  • Parking is good in my area though I understand it is much worse. Cur through traffic continues to be a problem. I think stop signs would help.
  • Too many people use Leebrad as a short cut to avoid backup traffic at Backlick and Braddock
  • [Towing cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days] might be tricky
  • [Cars should be towed if] parked and not moved for over 30 days except if in a reserved spot.
  • I think there should be a limit on how many cars can be parked in Leewood per family.  Some families consist of two people and they have three to four cars, which take blank spaces from other people in Leewood.
  • Illegal parking and long-term parking are not enforced.
  • If you want to do the above [towing], you need to have a system (e.g., stickers, permits) to identify owners
  • [Towing cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days -] This might be tricky.
  • Many cars are stored here especially in the summer -tow them after 14 days.
  • Illegally parked cars should get difficult to remove window stickers. They endanger us by blocking fire lanes.
  • Curbs (no parking areas) should be painted "No Parking" or "No Parking Fire Lane"
  • Why not issue Leewood parking decals to identify authorized vehicles?
  • Please do not clutter the neighborhood with signs and more speed bumps.
  • How would you identify whether the owner was known [before towing the car]? Who makes that determination? I can foresee times when people's cars would be towed mistakenly.
  • No parking signs should be posted where no parking is permitted or paint curbs yellow like the rest of the U.S. to indicate no parking is permitted
  • It's unfortunate that Leewood does not have a playground - but I worry about the kids playing in the streets. It is especially dangerous in the summer when more kids are out - especially when kids weave around the cars on bikes.
  • Try yield signs first (sides should yield to throughs)
  • [Towing cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days should be allowed] if [car] is not properly tagged.
  • [Posting speed limits] can't hurt but won't help
  • How [do you] know if a car was moved [to determine how long it has been parked without being moved]?
  • Not sure if it would be legal [to post a speed limit]
  • [There should be a time limit on how long a car can be parked without being moved if the car is] not tagged.
  • [If cars that have been parked and not moved for over 14 days are to be towed], would we be required to register our cars with LHA? If not, how would you know ownership? Whenever a car changes, owner would file form informing LHA?
  • Parking on Leestone Street -I got a new scratch (and a nasty one) on my car almost everyday. I know for a fact it is in this neighborhood. Someone was kind to me on Thanksgiving night and put a brand new scratch on my car. I didn't have it before and found it the next morning. That tells you a lot about your neighbors. You're welcome to see my car. You've probably never seen so many scratches. What are you guys going to do about it!! My Big Concern!!


  • I have always found the newsletter very informative & enjoyable. Please keep up the good work.
  • Keeping abreast of overall relative info and best contractors to hire.
  • Contractor news/security of our community/reminders of repair/replacement. Notes/highlights of monthly meeting.
  • community info; home maintenance or improvement
  • the letter containing all the workman information; "how to" info, info about the buildings, history, current stuff
  • the articles concerning the important items relevant to the community
  • Enhancement topics
  • All of them
  • Listing of repair vendors, updates form board, knowledge gained from other resident i.e., article on replacement windows
  • All
  • Gardening, home improvement, crime, future construction planned around Leewood
  • All!
  • All articles
  • The newsletter is great, very informative
  • What is going on in the neighborhood
  • The ones about ongoing projects of the association
  • All - alerting us of things to take care of.
  • President's note and info about community
  • News about crime in Leewood -car thefts, break-ins, etc.
  • Reports on developments affecting us, meetings, upcoming events, gardening tips
  • Updates on events or issues in the area; updates on items discussed at HOA meetings
  • Overall catch-up on things going on
  • Almost all
  • I find it all very interesting & useful
  • Home improvement issues
  • Home improvement, neighborhood news
  • All equally
  • All
  • President's Notes
  • Neighborhood updates - President's message
  • Updates on construction projects around Leewood
  • Home maintenance, traffic, crime
  • Board issues, calendar, crime alerts


  • Might be nice to announce new members to the community
  • good newsletter -thanks for the hard work
  • The board members are to be commended for their time and service on behalf of our community! Highlighting resident, flowers, holiday lights and volunteer efforts is always a plus - it creates a nice balance.
  • It's fine
  • consider seeking paid ads from local merchants & services to offer Leewood residents discounts and raise assn. revenue
  • Keep it in English
  • Continue articles. It is a good source of communication and information. President's corner is very good.
  • Generally good - I like its personal person-to-person tone!
  • It's fabulous
  • Please post educational info about ARC. I would like to know more about painting shutters and replacing fences.
  • Edit more carefully. Grammar is (at times) terrible.
  • Writing from Judy is too negative and too demeaning.
  • We need a better delivery system insuring that all residents get them and they don't fall in bushes or blow away.
  • Cover issues like vandalism such as cars like mine getting scratched
  • Doing a good job, keep the newsletter
  • I think it is an exceptionally good publication
  • I read it each month and am grateful to the volunteers who put it together. Keep up the work!
  • Newsletter tone is often very negative rather than objective
  • Good newsletter
  • Keep up the good work
  • The newsletter comes too late in the month. It needs to be @ the end of or by the 1st. Also put on railing can cause it to blow away or get wet when it rains.
  • I think the newsletter is good.
  • It seems pretty negative - try a positive spin on it.
  • Try to avoid negativity, "preachiness"
  • Please - not so negative. I understand we have rules in Leewood - but the articles tend to be oriented toward "don't do this, don't do that." Also, I thought it was embarrassing to have the exchange of articles in the newsletter between the two factions in Leewood. I felt bad for any new residents who were reading that. I think it reflected poorly on Leewood. I'm all for free speech- but those series of exchanges highlighted a personal difference, and I didn't see anything constructive about airing a personal problem in front of all residents.


  • Sometimes will not load -error message occurs
  • haven't had time to really check it out much
  • Time will tell real value of the features   on the website
  • Great site -needs more input (I should talk)
  • It's difficult to remember the site address. Perhaps we could get our own domain -i.e., Leewoods.org
  • Great idea. I should start using it.
  • People are not likely to check it without some reason - like an emergency or something out of the ordinary. Thus the "urgent msg" is not likely to be seen.
  • Good idea - it's the wave of the future. Mention in newsletter stuff to check on website - But do not rely on the web only to get out essential info!
  • Promote it more


  • Serving on the board is a time consuming thankless position - my hat's off to those willing to serve
  • I think we need representation of other culture groups.
  • Re services - We need a neighborhood watch (patrol) personnel who look out for the interests of their neighbors, driving or walking
  • Judy Currier is wonderful
  • Super job -everyone!
  • Need more community involvement in board
  • I appreciate Board members' time and hard work -- thank you!
  • I feel that there is limited interaction between the board and residents in general
  • Think they do one hell of a good job. No one notices until something goes wrong. Board is taken for granted too much - but it is a compliment in a way.
  • The board's doing a good job.
  • Thank you!
  • It must be the changing times (and new residents) because there is such an increased badgering in the newsletter regarding delinquent assessments. Has it always been like this, or is it getting worse? Unfortunately, homeowners fee generally falls into the same category of the "personal property tax." I don't mind. I know the assessment is very important.
  • Illegal parking and long-term parking are not enforced.
  • There should be an annual community meeting/get-together to discuss issues. Otherwise how is the board to know what is of concern to the community? (other than work of mouth)


  • I thought the trash service was going to come earlier. We need to put out flyers reminding people trash isn't collected on holidays
  • Snow removal - move snow pushed behind cars
  • All are great. Lawn guys sometimes litter!
  • On Bradgen Court we are forgotten. We do not get services we pay. Unless we complain things do not get better.
  • Interested in gutter cleaning and window washing on group basis
  • The recycling bins are tossed on the pavement (causing them to crack).
  • Trash service has improved.
  • Must enforce ARC violations -especially those very few who resist voluntary compliance
  • Perimeter fence needs to be replaced
  • Not really about service providers, but I would like to somehow have enclosures for the trash. It can be unsightly on the curb.
  • Common wooded areas need to be better maintained - cleaned -planted with new trees
  • Lawn maintenance needs to be upgraded
  • Resident could do a much better job in the area of trash pick up -i.e., properly bagging (white bags should never be used). They should also help in keeping the pick up area clean.
  • The trash service is most effective when it arrives early; otherwise the crows have a feast.
  • Mowing guys need a lot of mess for the homeowners to clean
  • AAA leaves trash lying around.
  • Our common area grass needs much more fertilizer and weed killer. As a result, some owners (are forced) to do their own front lawns. Who does the lawn at DeMaine funeral home? Hire them!
  • Some trees are hanging over power lines in the common areas - these could be a hazard with ice season coming. Are these Association responsibility or VA Power?
  • Mowers blow grass on cars
  • I rent my house & I have not heard any complaints from my tenants regarding the services.
  • AAA trash has always been reliable (one glitch last year when they thought a snow dusting was a blizzard). They are very good.
  • Snow removal should include our sidewalks leading to residence
  • A dumpster somewhere would help on the trash - the only place to store the trash is in your back yard until trash day.
  • Snowplow needs to plow snow away from the parked cars. Owners shovel out their car and then the snowplow leaves snow in front of the cars. So owners have to shovel again to go to work.
  • I could write a book about the lawn service. For starters, if we have rain, they come the next day. Leestone Ct. is one of the first to be mowed. The sun has not touched this side [of the street], so the ground and grass are saturated. The mowers just fold the grass over rather than cutting it. Then the guy with the weed-eater comes along. I cannot recall a single time when one of my azaleas has not been cut. Blowers: They aim them straight at the front of the houses and there's all this grass, dirt and trash on our basement windows, steps and stoops. There have been times when they have pulled weeds from the base of trees and have had large black bags for the weeds. Rather than picking up the trash and leaves along the curbs, they blow all that up onto the grass. How attractive does that make our neighborhood? I even talked to the "foreman" of the group one day while they had the bags, but it did absolutely no good.
  • Is it possible to consider a group discount for replacement windows?
  • Is it possible to consider a group discount for front stoop repair?
  • Sanding is done when not needed. Why sand when there will be a thaw in 36 hours?
  • Several trees on the street are too large.
  • Mowing often too low close to landscape -where they use the weedwhacker
  • Could use a chimney sweep [as a service to coordinate on a group basis]


  • Good location & nice neighborhood
  • Clean, quiet and comfortable. It's convenient to the city as well as outside the beltway in Virginia - location, location, location.
  • location -close to shopping, public transportation
  • Location, relatively quiet neighbor. Concerned neighbors (but not pushy), security that I feel. The grounds well-kept!! Beauty of each season
  • convenience to work and activities; well maintained community; small community
  • nice looking brick homes; clean area
  • the HOA President (Judy), location, grounds/plantings, safe neighborhood, I'm lucky - I have nice neighbors, quality of building construction, quiet-sometimes
  • The people, the attractive surroundings
  • nice community
  • Convenient location/well constructed homes/beautiful common areas
  • Good neighbors. Great concern for quality of neighborhood.
  • The neighbors!
  • Location
  • Convenient location, friendly neighbors
  • Easy access to 395 & inside the beltway. Large - good quality homes. Fairly quiet neighborhood. Great schools. A few great neighbors. We used to have a baby-sitting co-op and closer networking.
  • It is a friendly neighborhood; it is well maintained; it is accessible to 495 & 395.
  • Location, house itself, great maintenance
  • Convenience - the location - a nice community - well managed
  • I thought it was a safe neighborhood with lots of literate folks, but I don't know with all the car problems I have I'm left thinking.
  • The convenience to everything I do
  • Feel of a neighborhood, seeing neighbors out talking with each other, walking their pets on leashes
  • Security - very little crime
  • Proximity to Washington & Beltway. Magruders within walking distance. Bus service.
  • I am most pleased that the community has been maintained so well for all these years; it is also a quiet and friendly neighborhood.
  • Convenience/location
  • Good neighbors
  • Nice people and committed Board members
  • We loved living there in the 70's and 80's. Very young and friendly community. Left in the mid 90's to cruise away in search of warmer climates in the winter.
  • Location
  • The way it was kept up; the closeness to many activities; friends
  • Dead-end street; large trees. Common areas; walking paths; quality homes
  • It's a well maintained neighborhood (thanks to the board's work) & it's a small neighborhood
  • Like the community as a whole - nice friendly people - looks great! Good job board and ARC!
  • Location, neighbors, safety, construction of home
  • The people in the community and the area is a good location to where I work.
  • Commute
  • Central location, well-maintained, nice community
  • My neighbors. Well-built homes. Common park spaces. Trees! My neighbors!!
  • We have terrific neighbor. The neighborhood is by and large well maintained. Our house is structurally I good shape.
  • Neighbors, location, home construction & size, common ground
  • Location, location, location
  • Well maintained grounds
  • Location and people


  • Traffic on Braddock & Backlick
  • Traffic in area
  • Difficulty in getting in and out of community
  • Leaf removal could have been better this fall. Come of the appearance standards are a bit strict - but work for the betterment of the community.
  • Rules
  • Children destroying trees by climbing, swinging, tree houses, etc. Without parent reprimand
  • Parking!! We have more cars than people
  • Traffic
  • Bad neighbors
  • Trying to go west on Braddock Rd. from Bradwood St.
  • We haven't been here long that long, but we've found everything to our liking so far.
  • Traffic/hard to exit
  • Sometimes difficult making left turn from Backlick into Leestone Street
  • Koger notices with absolutely no follow-up and information
  • traffic on the exit of Leewood
  • Traffic at Braddock/Backlick at evening rush hour. Too many cars are bailing off the outer loop at Braddock to avoid Springfield interchange.
  • Traffic
  • need more grass planted in front yards, traffic noise, children playing in unsafe manner,
  • Tree overhanging my back fence including dead branches. Adjoining neighbor was notified. They did very little. My plants are suffering and dead branches are potentially damaging.
  • Neighbors who let pets out without being on a leash and those who do not clean up behind them. Not all of us like or want dogs on our property
  • Rules, people who won't take the time to read the literature but want to sit back and spend money on speed bumps simply because it is easy for them.
  • We need to ask people to use black plastic trash bags again. Also need to ask them to take trash back inside if they put it out by mistake. It is unsightly to have trash out four days during a holiday.
  • Lack of streetlights. Feel if they were placed at every other island, it would provide increased security since many homeowners don't turn on front lights. I have actually seen people stop in front of my house and relieve themselves on the common property!
  • Parking. It is hard to go west on Braddock from our development.
  • Lack of board enforcement of rules, etc.
  • Lack of socialization of neighbors
  • People being destructive to other people's property
  • Location
  • The traffic noise
  • No complaints
  • No complaints; it's a great place to live.
  • Too many multi families, cars, children & dogs. And I love dogs.
  • Its nice neat appearance - and basically "sound proof" construction. Hearing noises from next door would be horrible!!
  • Don't really have any strong dislikes
  • Community is not particularly child-friendly
  • Braddock & Backlick Rd. traffic; trying to turn left on to Braddock Rd. It's very dangerous.
  • No complaints - enjoy living here. There are always going to be a few "rule breakers" but that has been kept to a minimum
  • People who leave their trash in flimsy bags, crows spread around, and people do not pick up. Neighbors who do not care how their trash looks.
  • Property values. Thank goodness they are finally going up.
  • People who do not trim their bushes.
  • Theft - when planting in the common area in front of my house (at my own expense). I do not appreciate flowers/plants removed and stolen from the flower beds.
  • People's children who have no consideration for the Leewood community. And parents who do not supervise their children while they are playing. They play in the streets and hit cars with their balls.
  • Parking not enforced
  • Cut-through speeders. Traffic on Backlick & Braddock. No garage.
  • Getting in and out of Leewood has gotten more difficult (and dangerous) in the past 9 years. Both the Braddock Rd. and Backlick Road entrances can be difficult to get in & out. It's really getting worse.
  • Too much dog poop in common areas
  • Too much traffic on Braddock & Backlick & traffic noise
  • I wish the units were about 3-4 feet wider. Otherwise it's perfect!
  • My row has become so ugly!! We need BIG trees. [Leebrad Street]
  • Too many rules that are restrictive. I understand and appreciate the value of neighborhood standards, but some are just too much.
  • Traffic congestion at rush hour.
  • Apathy on part of majority of residents

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